OSVALD - Ozone Symptom VALidation Database

The OSVALD (Ozone Symptom VALidation Database) is an on-line validation tool for ozone visible injury on wood species.

There are three simple functions to be applied:

Load Image - You need to upload the picture taken of symptomatic leaf to be assessed and fill in some basic information. Afterwards, selected experts in ozone visible symptom assessment will check your picture(s) and assess the displayed symptom for being ozone-induced or not.

View Image - You can see all uploaded images and the validation results. Furthermore you can modify the data of your image(s) or remove them.

Change Password - It is recommended to change the password the first time you login with OSVALD.

To obtain username and password to access OSVALD, please send an email to: elena.gottardini@fmach.it


UNECE/ICP Forests Expert Panel on Ambient Air Quality
Chair: D. Pitar (National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry “Marin Drăcea”); co-chair: E. Gottardini (Research and Innovation Centre, Fondazione Edmund Mach FEM)
OSVALD - Ozone Symptom VALidation Database
developed by S. Corradini (Technology Transfer Centre, Fondazione Edmund Mach FEM)